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a great collab

and wonderful templates


This looks amazing!! Can't wait to learn all about the project :)


I love the new collab, looks amazing!


This is awesome!!!! Right now I'm loving spending time with family members that I haven't had a really good catch up with in over 5 years!!! The past week with them has been AWESOME!!!! :)
Thanks for the chance :)


Can't wait to see the final project. Summer is here and I'm loving the time with my boys. My oldest heads off to college in August so it is nice having some time with him.


Right now I love the summery weather!
and these amazing templates of course- gorgeous!


*woooow* a wonderful Collab
Thx for the chance to win it!!!


Wow what an awesome collection!! Right now I am loving that I am migraine free for almost two weeks which is awesome. I am also loving that I actually feel like scrapping again. I was in a huge slump for a few weeks


oh wow these looks so fantastic ... thank you so much for the chance to win it.
The summer is now also here in Netherland and I love spending my time with my husband and our Luna in the garden or on walks.
Hugs, Tine


What a beautiful idea!! I love it!! I also love having my 3 baby girls home for the long, hot summer days. We are having so much fun this year! xoxo beckie


This looks awesome-I'd love to win this set.


The templates look wonderful and the new idea sounds adventurous. I can't wait to see it all!

Becky (bderby)

This seriously looks amazing, Sara!!! I can't wait to see it all and would love the chance to win!


What an incredible collab!! It looks great girls!! Right now we are in the middle of a heat wave in Northern NY and I am LOVING my iced coffee. Of course I love my children but this heat is awful! LOL My hubby has perfected our homemade iced coffee and what a delish treat it is on these hot mornings.


Right now I am loving summer, especially taking my girls to the beach. Thanks for the chance to win! It looks great!


This is awesome! How incredible!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win it!!!!

What do I love right now? All the incredible ladies I CT for!

You and Crystal work SO well together!!!

Angel (ajf9597)

This looks amazing!! I always love my family, but right now I am especially loving having DS home for the summer!


What a cool collab! Right now I'm loving the rainy days, a small break from the heat.
Thanks for the chance!


What a neat collab! Right now I am loving the cloud cover and the ability to keep the shades open today because I am not worried about the house getting too hot! Oh and I am loving how I feel after a good run this morning! THanks for the chance!


Fabulous template set! It's 100 degrees outside right now, but I still love summer.


What a wonderful collab, wow!!!
I love vacation!!
Thanks for the chance sweetie!!!


This looks awesome!! I love my little family. I have the best husband and two sweet little girls. I am so lucky :)

Denise Umlauf

This is amazing ! Thanks for the chance Sara ! Right now I love the new life I started with my husband, moving to another city and due to that, spending more time together.

Denise Umlauf

I also tweeted about it:

Jackie L

OOHHHH !! I LOVE this !! it looks so fresh and fun !!! I would love to win it, too !! :)

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