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aww.....I don't tink will has called me by my name yet but I imagine it would be funny and awful ad al
l sor
ts of thi

Lucas is pushung keys :D


Aww I know how that feels sweetie! Savannah was calling me *Aunt Becky* last week like my nieces do! I was like nooo I am mommy to you! She calls Phillip by his first name sometimes too instead of daddy. Cracked me up until she called me Aunt Becky lol!


Oh sweetie, i so know how you feel! Mattis is calling me sometimes Mine, like my hubby says to me!
Your blog looks so beautiful!
I´ll look at it often!


Oh goodness! Yeah...Ezra calls me Mom because Gabe does and I HATE it! Makes me sooo sad! Stella will probably start saying it as soon as she can since the boys do, lol! I LOVE the sweet little Mama she gives me...I think I would cry if she called me Crystal.

Lovin' the resurrection of your fabulous blog too chickadee! Looks awesome and I am going to link ya on mine! :) HUGS darling!


I don't know how it feels like,
but i think when my children calls me by my first name i think it feel a little bit strange.

I love the designs of your blog,
well done!!


Oh I sooo know this feeling!! My eldest is at the stage where its mum and not mummy and even that just sounds strange...exactly like you said.. like hes too old to need me anymore lol.

Ps. I love the blog design.. fabulous!! xx

Ellie. xx


LOL honey Ava did this to me after my mum came to stay it sounds so so wrong. I hope you're back to mommy xxx


Isn't it funny when your kids realize that you have a name other than mommy? We seem to be constantly rehearsing the fact that Jessica is my name, but Mommy is who I am to them! lol (And I still call my mommy "mom" too... I can't imagine calling her by her first name.) I hope your little bugaboo is back to calling you mommy by this time!


So glad to see the blog running. The new look is beautiful.

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